Finally got properly acquainted with my graphic tablet. 
I'm enjoying this a lot, so relaxing.


Jo said...

very impressive.
if i hv to do this... i might be saying very stressful... lol

Gemma said...

So nice to see you're back! I've missed your posts! :-)

Laurelas said...

I'd LOVE to be able to draw like that.. Really happy you're back, and thanks for your comment on my own blog ♥

Quay Po Cooks said...

Did you draw that? It is lovely.

Cheryl said...

Jo, haha it's hard at first I must admit. I was not able to draw this well before going to art college, believe it or not!

Gemma, hey I didn't know you blogged too! I'll be stalking you now :D

Laurelas, you have no idea how much your words make me feel... thank YOU. I'm really happy that you still follow my little (neglected for 2 years) blog :D

Hi Quay Po, yes I did! Thank you so much for the kind words :)