I'm on the roll here with the graphic tablet!

I drew this over the weekend at night while winding down with Mr. Thinktank.  Click for a close up ;)

Some screenshots in Photoshop:

Dandelion detail.

Bracelet.  Still not sure about this,
it looks a little stiff on the hand to me.

'Au naturale'
With 'makeup' on.  I prefer the natural look, so I ditched this.

Hope you liked this too. I'm already thinking of what to draw next!


melvinfoo said...

cool... using wacom?

Cheryl said...

Yup, Wacom. Finally learned to use it properly!

Laurelas said...

Wish I knew to draw so nicely..

melvinfoo said...

u really can draw well...

Cheryl said...

Laurelas, I hope you do give it a go! I was not able to draw this well before, until i kept practicing over and over again. It's also good fun :)

Thanks Melvin! How are you? Wow so much has happened during my hiatus :D