I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately.

I think having too many interests has given me information overload; from foodie sites to home interiors, photography to fashion design, craft to digital art… there must be at least 200 sites bookmarked. 

My backlog of unread feeds is so bad that I no longer enjoy reading it. Just thinking about it gives me a big fat headache. I merely glance through the pictures quickly and consider it done. Oh, the guilt!

Since I've spent so much time looking and sometimes, reading, my desire to actually make something has gone. I don’t feel like taking photos, I don’t feel like cooking something special. And don’t get me started on my unfinished sewing projects. Blog? Now that just makes me want to cry.

Alamak, how and when did this happen? I wonder if there’s anyone else out there who feels the same. 

I need to break out from this cycle!


Colin Woon said...

Same here! Just the exact thought I'm having this moment, ha!

I think I need more than 24hrs per day...

Cheryl said...

Such is modern life! This addiction to information is starting to worry me.

If only we don't need to sleep... zzz....

Tsu Lin + + said...

I think it's a phase we all go through. These days I'm back at being addicted to surfing & I dread the time I have to be offline (doing chores, COOKING?, even showering) - everything else seems like a chore.

But I digress, what I meant was that we all go through these phases. How do I break out of it is to switch it off, and tell myself to "sit infront of TV & be couch potato" or.. just do other leisurely stuff.

It'll pass!!! PROMISE!

Where is the secret site you put all your craftwork?? Share.

Cheryl said...

'.. I dread the time I have to be offline (doing chores, COOKING?, even showering) - everything else seems like a chore.'

I can SO relate to that. Sometimes the husband and I stayed glued to our screens for hours on end, we rather eat instant noodles and snack all day than cook. :P (I hope my mum doesn't read this... urk)

Secret site? Where got! *shifty eyes* Heh heh heh.

siongee said...

I totally hear ya! I have been feeling this for the last couple of months already and don't really see myself getting out of this funk anytime soon!! Sigh. I blame work... tee hee :)

melv said...

tell me about it... it's ok.. sometimes i think you wins some, you will loses some. just focus one or two at a time will do.

i too have many interest, i gave up some actually... but it's ok, you still enjoy doing the rest right? ;-)