Kew Gardens

These were all taken last week. The weather was simply fantastic, we had a lot of fun exploring this place, although we didn't manage to finish our tour. It was huge!

Not to be confused with the Chelsea Flower Show, Kew Gardens is located in Surrey and is said to be one the most important place to study plants. It is also a very important seedbank and has the largest preserved plant collection in the world, around 7 million specimens, imagine that!

Admittedly, our trip there was partly inspired by James Wong, presenter of BBC Grow Your Own Drugs, who was also a student at Kew Gardens.  After watching his tv series I was quite tempted to buy his book!  His garden design for RHS Chelsea Flower Show (a joint effort with David Cubero) won a gold medal this year.  Fellow Malaysians may have heard about this as it was sponsored by Tourism Malaysia.

But back to Kew.  These are pictures of the iconic Palm House, which is basically a really large and tall glasshouse.  The architecture is quite amazing to look at, despite being more than 160 years old.  We stood outside for a while and pondered how the Victorians managed to curve all those pieces of glass.

Air was humid and it felt like the tropics.  All types of different plants grow side by side, squashed together.  Some plants looked familiar, some I've never seen before.

We didn't stay long, as it was quite crowded, but you can't see it in my pictures. We walked around, read the plaques of the more interesting plants, snapped a few more photos and left. There was still so much to see! I'll post more next time.


Tany said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures, Cheryl!

Cheryl said...

Thanks Tany. There's still a few more to come ;)

Colin Woon said...

Nice weather, cool place and spectacular photos!!!

That's a very very cool building/garden! I wish Houston has cool place like this!

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Stephanie said...

Hi Cheryl, awesome place to be! And very good photos :-D

Cheryl said...

Thanks Stephanie! :)